Why regular adjustments are so important...

This week I wanted to remind everyone why it is so important to get adjusted and to maintain a regular adjustment schedule – and it’s not about symptoms!
A chiropractic adjustment is about so much more than symptom relief. Although getting adjusted can help to decrease pain, alleviate headaches and allow much better movement, it also helps to improve the function of the whole body.
The human body thrives on movement. Whether it is whole body movement through exercise or the small, specific joint movements of an adjustment, movement is what the body needs to function and survive.
Whole body exercise improves the circulation of nutrients around the body, increases bone density, slows degeneration, improves muscle strength, increases fitness and decreases the heart rate. While activities such as gardening or mowing the lawn provides some physical activity, it does not provide all of what the body requires. Walking, running, weights at the gym, swimming, dancing and yoga are all great ways to increase physical activity.
As well as whole body exercise, getting adjusted helps to restore movement on a much smaller scale; however it is no less important. In fact it may be more important as it allows you to get more out of your regular exercise regime. Getting adjusted helps to improve the function of the nervous system resulting in increased function of the immune system, more energy, better sleep, improved digestion, decreased degeneration of the joints and soft tissues, better brain function, decreased stress and overall better health and well being.
   Chronic sitting and poor posture such as those        experienced when behind a desk or at a computer lead to strain of the muscles of the neck and also to subluxations. It is very common these days with so many of us working in offices for long periods of the day. It is important to maintain proper posture as this improves the movement of the spine and stops the muscles of the neck from having to work so hard. For every inch of forward head carriage there is 10x the stress on the muscles of the neck! That’s a lot of unnecessary work!
Lack of exercise, subluxations and poor posture are the most common movement deficiencies and they are all easy to correct! Get outside while the weather is warm and walk or bike ride; get adjusted to correct subluxations and restore motion to individual joints; ask us how we can help you to improve your posture with take home exercises and stretching.
It is NEVER too late to start exercising, to get regular adjustments and to improve your posture. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to your health and well being!
“Chiropractic at it's most basic level is really about restoring motion.” 
Dr. James Chestnut, D.C.

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