Migraines pathophysiology and......Chiropractic Care

This is, i think a good resume of migraine pathophysiology.

Why Chiropractic care can help ?

Chiropractic techniques are most appreciated and well known when it comes to the healing of joints, bones and muscles.
The chiropractic care involves adjustments done manually to correct numerous abnormal physical conditions. These adjustments are made to the spine and are called spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments. The result of this treatment is seen in the entire body and the symptoms and pain caused due to the said abnormalities are eased with chiropractic care. Not only the muscle pains and joint pains, chiropractic care is very efficient for the patients who complain about their severe and repetitive headaches. Chiropractic treatment can help curing chronic headaches with the slightest side effects, highest safety and the utmost positive effects.

There are numerous kinds of headaches which, if treated with chiropractic care, can be cured efficiently. Following are the types of such headaches:

Tension Headaches: - Contracted and tense muscles in some parts of body, such as neck and back are the main reason for causing tension headaches. Chiropractic can be ideal for the treatment of such kind of headaches. Misalignment or any kind of problem of spinal bones may cause the tension headache because of nerve or tissue pressure. Chiropractic care is mainly concerned with the proper alignment of the spine and help in curbing such abnormalities. The chiropractic treatment for this involves adjustments to the tense and contracted muscles to bring them to their proper place. Chiropractic message therapy can also be utilized.

Cervicogenic Headaches: - Abnormalities in the cervical spine which results in the lack of mobility in the upper cervical area is the cause of this form of headaches. Chiropractic can be quite efficient dealing with cervical spinal and that is why chiropractic care is known to be one of the best alternative care methodologies for the treatment of this type of headache. Chiropractic care directly aims the source of problem, which is cervical spine. As these chiropractic treatments are helpful in successfully treating these problems with the cervical region of the spine, common headaches can also be quite notably cured by chiropractic cure.

Migraines: - Migraine headache is the type of headache that is known to impact the patient negatively for long durations. Chiropractic spinal manipulation is widely used alternative remedy to cure migraines and chronic headaches. As shown by various recent researches, chiropractic treatment is operative in the management and cure of both common and classical migraine. Spinal manipulations, or chiropractic adjustments, are strictly natural cure method for headache and migraine relief.

For about all the kinds of headaches, chiropractic care is considered to the best alternative treatment available, especially when the drugs associated with other forms of treatment increase the risks of strokes etc. A study done by the Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota, compared amitriptyline, an antidepressant commonly used to treat migraines with chiropractic manipulation. Results from this study found that chiropractic healing was about as successful as the drug. Many special chiropractic products likes tables, equipments, cushions, etc have been developed by the chiropractic experts to check and correct neck problems that lead to headaches.

Concerning my practice, there is two categories of patients :

1) Patients that came for headaches
According to the patient, his history, symptoms, and lifestyle, chiropractic care helps and is effective, sometimes after 2 visits, sometimes it can takes 6-8 visits (it depends of the headache chronicity, and how many months and years the patient lived with before the first visit).
This kind of patients are generally patients that are working all the day with a computer.....ON THE SIDE (cervical spine in rotation !!).

2) Patients that came for shoulder pain, back pain, and ankle pain, with....headaches
A good posture and biomechanic analysis, and for sure an adjustment of the spine and extremities, brings very good results concerning headaches.

Never forget that a good chiropractic patient is for sure coming for a maintenance care/preventive care, but not only....
Chiropractic care, continues at home, and for sure at work,.....with stretching exercise, and good posture....


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  1. Thanks for the information , Chiropractic has become one effective treatment for back pain, headaches, and spine and according to my personal experience i had a better result by undergoingchiropractic treatment