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Hi everyone,
thanks for reading me ;-)

My name is Rudy Aaron and i am chiropractor.
I began my studies with a first year of medicine, after what ive decided to go in the direction of manipulative therapies to help people in a different way of the classic medicine and drugs.
So, i began with osteopathic studies, i've learned there during 3 years on 6, and ive decided to stop there my studies and go in a Chiropractic school near Paris at the Franco European institute of chiropractic, to learn the science of chiropractic medicine.
After five years and 5500 hours of studies, and a year of chiropractic adjustments and treatments at my chiropractic school clinic, I've graduated in june 2009 as a Doctor of chiropractic.
Besides of my studies, i have learned acupuncture and auriculotherapy, at the World acupuncture foundation, in madrid, Spain.

I always answer and explain to the patients that asking :"ive got low back pain and knee pain, can you  help me ?", i answer them, that for sure, chiropractic can help, but not like a pill or drug that can treat "the pain" or "the symptoms", but like an integrative health care that will influence the body balance and the equilibrium of the patient.
Chiropractic for sure treat the patients condition, pain, and symptoms, BUT, through the whole body treatment, with the goal to treat the cause of the pain and symptoms.
Pain and symptoms are only the WAY that your body tell you thats somethings wrong and that you HAVE to do something to help him. He only asks for help.

The chiropractor task is clearly defined : it's to "identify, diagnose, examine and treat, THE CAUSE or the origin that cause the pain and symptoms".

So as you can understand, in my clinic, we check the whole body, and not not only the painful area or the area of complaint.
And in the case thats something is wrong for exemple with the neck or ankles, we ll have to adjust it, even if the major complaint is located in the low back, or knees, or other.
The chiropractic manipulation is called ADJUSTMENT, cause it's a more specific word than manipulation.

There are few parts in the chiropractic cares that i dispense at my clinic.
1) The integrative chiropractic care for sure
2) The chiropractic advises concerning ergonomy thats its important to know to Educate your body and your Spine in the aim to be : in a good balance for the life of everyday
3) The exercises that i give to the patient : important for the rehabilitation.

Everyone have or had already even one time in his life back pain or low back pain problem, or toticollitis, tendinitis, ankle sprain, .....
In the case that are ones that are thinking that they haven't or that they won't have in their future any kind of problem, that only wants to say two things :
Or they are the perfect person or they have already received a chiropractic care, or simply they don't remember ;-)
Everyone have a past or an history, anyone can't tell :"in my whole life ive never suffered of anything, I've never had low back pain, neck pain, or headaches, strains, tendinitis,....

My brilliant professor of anatomy used to told us :"to know that we don't know is at last to know something". In other words, when we know and understand and feel that we are suffering and there's something wrong in our body or in our life, so we know everything, we've understood that we need a solution.
We're living, we're doing sport, we are sitting everyday long time in front of screens, television or computers, or working a long time in standing up position, we are falling, we don't do stretching after physical activity.

The result is that if one or more of those factors are present or if we wait long time without reequilibrate it or adjust it, so in consequence, it causes the misalignment of the vertebraes and/or imbalance of the body, and the pain,....

An important note, and a specific point for our beautiful country that is Israel : we have a brilliant army with an amount of soldiers that are suffering of back pain, low back pain,..... because of the weight they are wearing everyday for the most of them, .... they must be checked as more as possible, to prevent their future. i'm so sorry to see how much of them are suffering after the national service....

Chiropractic treatment care is a spine and extremity care and a care of the global situation of our body. Adjustments are done to improve the body's capacity to balance and heal properly.

Chiropractic care is always powerful and effective, but its action (quick or slow) depends of the history of the patient, the age, the physical condition, if the patient come to each visit i give him, if he practice the exercises i give him, or simply if he change the bad habits i've identified as a bad factor that could cause or be a part of his condition.

I'll finish saying that chiropractic is a long term treatment cause he influences and improve the correct and good posture we all mut have to live the life properly and the most fully.
It's the reason why that everyone that receive a chiropractic care in his life continue to come even if they aren't suffering : to improve their life quality, to prevent of future back or extremity pain or dysfunction.

To all others questions or further information :
Telephone : 0527004215
Mail : doctor@aaron-chiropractic.com
Website : www.aaron-chiropractic.com

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